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Abstract in English written by Dr Sara Jan, Humbul Humanities Hub
H.C.Andersen og Silkeborg is a web site putting together a 'jigsaw' of literary connections between the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) and the mid-Jutland region of Silkeborg. From 1850 onwards Andersen frequently visited his Silkeborg friends, the industrialist Michael Drewsen and Adolph Ludvig Drewsen. In the 1850s, Silkeborg was a growing industrial town still surrounded by wild and ancient countryside, and this contrast made a profound impression on Andersen.

The web site includes extracts of Andersen's journals and letters dating from his Silkeborg visits; poems Andersen wrote about the region; and literary works with direct links to Silkeborg, for example the novel 'At være eller ikke være' (To Be or Not to Be'), the short story 'Ib og lille Christine' ('Ib and Little Christine'), and the satirical tale Laserne' ('The Rags') set at Silkeborg paper mill. H.C.Andersen og Silkeborg is maintained by Silkeborg Bibliotek and is entirely in Danish.
© Published by kind permission by Dr Sara Jan, Intute: Arts and Humanities, Network of United Kingdom Universities.

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